Fire Risk Assessments

We can help your business comply with current Fire Safety Legislation, Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 by working with you in formulating your Fire Risk Assessment, this is a legal requirement placed upon the person in charge of the workplace and is enforced by the local Fire Authority.

Our Fire Risk Assessors all have a background in fire safety and hold nationally recognised qualifications in Fire Risk Assessment competency, they work with your business to develop a meaningful assessment of your fire safety provision, and help you to create an environment and strategy that is compliant with the requirements of the RRFSO.  

The Fire Risk Assessment will review the current position in your business identifying those at risk, sources of ignition, current control measures including provision of adequate training and management practices and result in an action plan.

You will receive a fully documented report using the PAS 79 documentation, widely recognised as the industry standard, identifying required actions and recommendations as well as ongoing source of support and materials to ensure your business remains compliant with current Fire Safety regulations and help satisfy the concerns of your company insurers.

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